I moved to Wordpress back again

This is me trying to blog again. I’m moving from Jekyll back to Wordpress and you can find me here dsalvagni.com.br. I’ll keep this address on github.io as well, just because I don’t want to migrate all older posts to Wordpress - and there are a couple about Magento that were written in Portuguese that I want to keep here though.

Lakes in Berlin, what a wonderful surprise

I must say that find such a warm summer in Europe was a surprise for me. To be completely fair, these last two summers hadn’t not the normal average temperatures and it’s fair to say that even for people that are living here longer than me this weather wasn’t expected. This is not small talk and I’m not here to warn of global warming, it’s just a note to put you in context about why I’m so happy that around Berlin has an incredible number of swimming lakes.

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Road Cycling for the win

I’ve being struggling to find a new hobby other than anything related to computers & programming. First I got a Kindle – it was a gift actually – and got really excited about it. I started reading some romances and fantasy books until the day I bought a technical book and then suddenly it looked like working instead of leisure time. So I started jogging. I still do eventually. Jogging was pretty intensive in the beginning when I was making 5km in less than 30min five days a week! 💪I got an injury on my left foot and left jogging behind for a couple weeks. It’s still something I like to do in my spare time. Although now I’ve my new road bike and I can’t think of anything else to do on my spare time other than exploring Berlin cycling.

Hallo Leute

I’ve moved again. This time to Germany. Luísa and I are now living in Berlin. We arrived earlier this year, in March, after eleven hours on a train from Italy with our two cats aboard. I have some updates.

It's been six months I'm living in Italy now

So many things happened since my last post here. I keep telling myself to update this blog more often but, as you can see, this was not possible. However, I’ll keep trying.

Front-end architecture is everything but simple

Recently I was invited to present a talk about front-end development at a company event of my current work, which I did a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty nervous about it mostly for two reasons: a) I never did a presentation to a large audience like this(about two hundred); b) I thought that I needed bring the current most relevant content to that presentation. While I was making the presentation slides I realized that the second reason was about the complexity of front-end development nowadays.

Start by don't repeating yourself in CSS

CSS is a convenient programming language, we can be as lazy developer as we want and it will still works. I assume that you know what the results will be if you choose the lazy way. We share techniques and philosophy with software engineering principles, like DRY, Single Responsibility, Open/closed principal, Separations of concerns among others. DRY is a useful principle to get start with in CSS if you aren’t yet.

Things to be aware when you are starting in JavaScript

JavaScript is the world’s most misunderstood programming language, said Douglas Crockford. I tried to compile some topics which I think is too confusing to work with if you are just starting in JavaScript. It is almost about the scope.

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angular-scalable-project - Atualizações

Tenho recebido algumas sugestões a respeito do projeto que divulguei recentemente. Algumas sugestões de melhoria eu compartilho como necessárias, outras nem tanto. Acabei de fazer uma atualização no projeto e vou listar o que recebi de sugestão e o que foi implementado - pouco, por enquanto.

AngularJS para aplicações de larga escala

Quando comecei a estudar o AngularJS e a procurar exemplos de uso e aplicações, sempre me deparava com aplicações simples, sem muitas implementações. O que é bom para pegar o conceito mas não ajuda muito quando é necessário estruturar uma aplicação que irá crescer significativamente. Assim, compartilho a minha estrutura de projetos para aplicações de larga escala, tornando modular – como deve ser – e de fácil manutenção.

Magento – Criar layout de páginas CMS

Você pode adicionar novos layouts de páginas do seu CMS, além dos que acompanham o Magento – Em Branco, 1 coluna, 2 colunas com menu a esquerda, 2 colunas com menu a direita e 3 colunas. A seguir, 2 passos bem simples para adicionar um novo layout.

Magento – Módulo de Lembrete de Aniversário

Recentemente, quando perdi o conteúdo deste blog, ficou pra trás o módulo de lembrete de aniversário. Para quem acompanhou, esse módulo é uma ramificação de outro módulo que tenho, que é para envio de e-mails para os clientes com carrinho abandonado.

Como eu projeto uma aplicação em ZF2

Muita coisa mudou em relação a como eu projeto uma aplicação com o Zf2 desde que comecei a mexer com o framework. Percebo uma grande diferença nos projetos de quando iniciei para os projetos de hoje e que isso tem uma relação direta com a forma que aprendi e/ou estudei. Acredito que hoje eu esteja próximo de um modelo de aplicação ideal para a minha forma de trabalho.

Encerrei janeiro como MCSD Web Applications

Encerrei o mês de janeiro de 2015 com o título de MCSD: Web Applications, o que me qualifica para a posição de desenvolvedor web ou administrador web, com o reconhecimento da minha especialização em criar e implantar serviços e aplicativos modernos com a tecnologia Microsoft.

Como agendar exames como estudante (72-*) no Microsoft Pearson VUE

A Prometric não irá mais agendar os exames de certificação da Microsoft a partir de janeiro de 2015. Agora os exames devem ser agendados através do Microsoft Learning.